About Us

The international master’s degree program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, in English, offers an education that uniquely combines two key areas of digital transformation: data science and artificial intelligence. The combined focus on these two aspects results in an education that embraces scientific topics, including frontier ones, and applications in the industrial, economic-social and medical fields, in strong connection and integration with the world of business and research.
The master program, organised by the University of Trieste, is in cooperation with special-education schools, research organisations and companies in the Trieste area and in the FVG region.

The program of study trains highly sought-after figures in the digitalisation of society and industry, who can go on to a doctorate or be employed both in public or private research, development and design centres and in companies of a different nature, e.g. manufacturing, financial-insurance, service and consulting companies.

The program provides students with a sound methodological background in three areas: machine learning and artificial intelligence, mathematical-statistical modelling, intensive computing and information technology.

The student will deepen his or her skills in data science and artificial intelligence according to the chosen curriculum and can complement his or her training with courses in application areas in various fields, including industry, natural sciences, medicine, social sciences and economics. The student will acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to apply it to the solution of practical problems through individual exercises and group projects. The training will be complemented by seminar courses and an internship and thesis activity, which can be carried out in companies and affiliated research institutions.